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Community builders

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Personalize a Tree


In Brakel, Belgium, elementary school students have planted more than 1,500 trees in the Sporenbos Forest. The forest, along with the adjacent piece of land, consists of four parts: a Nesting Forest for children with and without disabilities, ...

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Tree health app - healthy city trees


Flanders is becoming increasingly paved. Especially in cities, concrete creates “heat islands” in the summer. City trees then play an important role. They provide cooling and improve urban livability. But are our trees still healthy? With the Tre...

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Plantsoon is committed to our next generation


Several municipalities and cities in Belgium gift newborns with a birth tree. You can plant this tree in your own garden or a 'birth forest' created by the municipality or city, where each parent can plant their personal birth tree. Plantsoon provid...

#Community builders

The 'crooked birch' is the first identifiable tree of the HOGENT


The 'crooked birch' is a concept on this college campus in Ghent and an important part of the Ecoshelter XL project. All employees can scan a QR code that gives them more information about the tree. HOGENT also wants to turn the 'crooked birch' into ...

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