Tree health app - healthy city trees

Tree health app - healthy city trees

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"Save the climate in your own street!"

Plantsoon and VIVES College bring the city trees to the foreground...

Flanders is becoming increasingly paved. Especially in cities, concrete creates “heat islands” in the summer. City trees then play an important role. They provide cooling and improve urban livability. But are our trees still healthy? With the Tree Health App, we map our city trees and their health.

The Tree Health App is a collaboration between VIVES College and Plantsoon. We offer our platform for plant records, which are plants’ digital identities! Citizens can upload photos of trees on their street via GPS localization or by scanning our QR code. An AI system then analyzes the photos and provides a health assessment. This way, we can help individual citizens and local authorities to monitor the health of urban trees and develop data-driven tree management.

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Healthy trees are crucial in our urbanized environment.
Tree health app - healthy city trees
City trees provide cooling in “heat islands” and improve the quality of life in cities.

... and call on the involvement of its citizens.

The Tree Health App is an AI project of Amai!. Amai!’s aim is to inform citizens about AI and involve them in the development of new AI applications in Flanders. Amai! accomplishes this by bringing AI experts, domain organizations and citizens together around four themes: climate and environment, mobility, health, and work. Smart AI solutions are developed for these themes based on a socially relevant issue.

This project increases awareness of the value of urban trees. It is a crucial step towards realizing Flemish climate ambitions and improving the quality of life in our cities. Thanks to the help of citizens, we can save the climate in our own street with the Tree Health App.

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