Botanical garden

Increase the interaction between your visitors and collections

and keep tabs on your flora through unique plant records

Transform your flora management with turnkey solutions

and inform visitors in an interactive and intuitive way

Map the flora on your domain

Give trees, plants and zones a unique digital passport

Track your trees, plants, collections and zones based on GPS coordinates and/or smart plant tags

Print your own plant labels with QR code

Discover our smart plant tags


Exact determination of plants throughout all seasons

Record data on accessible digital plant records

Consultable by anyone, both inside and outside your domain

Zones and collections

Create your own plant collections such as herbs, fruits, roses, deciduous trees, berries, vegetables...

Assign plants to areas such as greenhouse, domain, herb garden, nursery...

Manage your plants according to arboretum standards

Virtual visits

Introduce the world to your plants and collections through your own public webpage

A virtual visit to your domain with just a few mouse clicks

Botanical garden

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Nurturing Ecology, Education and Engagement in Higher Education


John Carroll University (JCU) in University Heights, Ohio is making significant strides in sustainability, being recognized as a USA Tree Campus, launching an on-campus arboretum, and pledging to become a Laudato Si' Campus in alignment with Pope Fra...

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