Agro ecology

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Agro ecology

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Personalize a Tree


In Brakel, Belgium, elementary school students have planted more than 1,500 trees in the Sporenbos Forest. The forest, along with the adjacent piece of land, consists of four parts: a Nesting Forest for children with and without disabilities, ...

#Agro ecology, #Community builders

Where food forest and community garden come together


The old soccer field next to the Vogelzang day center and a private plot of land will be transformed together into a small natural paradise. There will be a food forest with fruit trees, a food forest border and a community garden. It will be a place...

#Agro ecology

Buzzwatch – a golden opportunity for our bees


Bee populations experienced distressingly high mortality rates once again this past winter. Our honeybees are the proverbial "canary in the coal mine," signaling threats to the broader population health of all pollinator species, including critical p...

#Agro ecology, #Education

Fruit trees with a story


Stadsbomerij is a tree nursery in Almere (NL) where old and new fruit tree varieties and berry bushes are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. To give pests less of a chance to wreak havoc, everything is planted together in ...

#Agro ecology

Den Boogerd is creating a cooperative food forest


During the winter of '22-'23, Den Boogerd created a food forest of 0.7 ha in Zelem. They added berry, flower and herb beds and other types of fruit in shrubs, low and semi-standard varieties to its collection of apple trees. Together with the adjacen...

#Agro ecology, #Education