Make every pupil and student a botanist

Provide an opportunity for children and students to learn, discover, inventorize, photograph and track

Inspire our scientists of tomorrow

Plantsoon is applicable in all educational environments

Map the flora on your playground and classrooms

Give trees and (house) plants a unique digital passport

Track your trees, plants, houseplants and planting beds based on GPS coordinates and/or smart plant tags

Print your own plant labels with QR code

Discover our smart plant tags

Support teachers

Exact determination of plants throughout all seasons

Record data on accessible digital plant records

Consultable by anyone, both inside and outside the classroom

Zones and collections

Create your own plant collections such as vegetables, fruits, houseplants, deciduous trees, berries,...

Assign plants to areas such as vegetable garden, greenhouse, orchard, playground, wadi or classrooms

Manage the flora at your school according to arboretum standards

Virtual excursions

Introduce the world to the plants and collections at your school through your own public webpage

A virtual visit to the playground or classrooms with just a few mouse clicks


Add a little Plantsoon magic to your school

Nurturing Ecology, Education and Engagement in Higher Education


John Carroll University (JCU) in University Heights, Ohio is making significant strides in sustainability, being recognized as a USA Tree Campus, launching an on-campus arboretum, and pledging to become a Laudato Si' Campus in alignment with Pope Fra...

#Education, #Botanical garden

Digitizing the Oedelem Agricultural and Horticultural School Garden


Kimara Goethals has been working at the Agriculture and Horticulture School in Oedelem for 10 years, first as a science teacher and now as the director for the past three years. Transferring from a general to a vocational secondary education school, ...


Buzzwatch – a golden opportunity for our bees


Bee populations experienced distressingly high mortality rates once again this past winter. Our honeybees are the proverbial "canary in the coal mine," signaling threats to the broader population health of all pollinator species, including critical p...

#Agro ecology, #Education

Tree health app - healthy city trees


Flanders is becoming increasingly paved. Especially in cities, concrete creates “heat islands” in the summer. City trees then play an important role. They provide cooling and improve urban livability. But are our trees still healthy? With the Tre...

#Community builders, #Education

Sint-Pietersinstituut Turnhout


A few years ago, the Sint-Pietersinstituut had typical gray monotonous plain as a playground where it quickly became too hot in the summer. Since then, the area around the school buildings was transformed into a climate-friendly playground where spor...


All trees have a passport at the Sint-Paulus School in Kortrijk


On the playground of the Sint-Paulus school in Kortrijk, the children come into contact with nature again. Playing and learning are paramount. Due to a goal oriented and sustainable process, the city school has successfully transformed its concrete f...


Den Boogerd is creating a cooperative food forest


During the winter of '22-'23, Den Boogerd created a food forest of 0.7 ha in Zelem. They added berry, flower and herb beds and other types of fruit in shrubs, low and semi-standard varieties to its collection of apple trees. Together with the adjacen...

#Agro ecology, #Education

The 'crooked birch' is the first identifiable tree of the HOGENT


The 'crooked birch' is a concept on this college campus in Ghent and an important part of the Ecoshelter XL project. All employees can scan a QR code that gives them more information about the tree. HOGENT also wants to turn the 'crooked birch' into ...

#Community builders, #Education