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Personalize a Tree


In Brakel, Belgium, elementary school students have planted more than 1,500 trees in the Sporenbos Forest. The forest, along with the adjacent piece of land, consists of four parts: a Nesting Forest for children with and without disabilities, ...

#Agro ecology, #Community builders

Nurturing Ecology, Education and Engagement in Higher Education
Nurturing Ecology, Education and Engagement in Higher Education


John Carroll University (JCU) in University Heights, Ohio is making significant strides in sustainability, being recognized as a USA Tree Campus, launching an on-campus arboretum, and pledging to become a Laudato Si' Campus in alignment with Pope Fra...

#Education, #Botanical garden

Digitizing the Oedelem Agricultural and Horticultural School Garden
Digitizing the Oedelem Agricultural and Horticultural School Garden


Kimara Goethals has been working at the Agriculture and Horticulture School in Oedelem for 10 years, first as a science teacher and now as the director for the past three years. Transferring from a general to a vocational secondary education school, ...